MBA Colleges accepting 80-90 CMAT percentile

The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national-level entrance exam that is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. This exam serves as a gateway for MBA aspirants to gain admission to prestigious business schools across the country. MBA colleges that accept CMAT scores in the 80-90 percentile range are among the top-tier institutions in India, known for providing quality management education, experienced faculty, and industry collaborations that foster the holistic development of students. Admission to these institutes is highly competitive, and candidates who score in the 80-90 percentile range in CMAT have a good chance of securing a seat. The esteemed institutes that accept CMAT scores include the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), NTPC School of Business (NSB) in Noida, IMT Nagpur, XIME Bangalore, KIIT School of Management – KSOM Bhubaneswar, CIMP Patna, IPE Hyderabad, ISBM Pune, JIMS Rohini Delhi, and many more.

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MBA Colleges accepting 80-90 CMAT percentile

Branch NIRF Rank Cut Off (Percentile) Cut Off (Marks) Fees (Full course)
Xavier Business School (XBS), St Xavier’s University, Kolkata 8 85 216 INR 10.45 L
IMT Nagpur: Institute of Management Technology 10 80 204 INR 12.12 L
KIIT School of Management – KSOM Bhubaneswar 20 80 204 INR 14.5 L
SIMSREE Mumbai: Sydenham Institute of Management Studies And Research And Entrepreneurship Education 25 99.96 310 INR 1.4 L
Great Lakes Chennai: Great Lakes Institute of Management – GLIM 31 90 232 INR 17.50 L
GIM Goa: Goa Institute of Management 36 90 232 INR 18.31 L
Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow 51 80 204 INR 10.45 L
GLIM Gurgaon: Great Lakes Institute of Management 52 85 216 INR 16.65 L
BIMTECH Greater Noida: Birla Institute of Management Technology 56 80 204 INR 12 L
IFMR Graduate School of Business at KREA University 60 90 232 INR 13.20 L
K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies And Research 71 90 232 INR 4.15 L – 16.62 L
N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai 76 85 216 INR 9.78 L
JIMS Rohini Delhi: Jagan Institute of Management Studies 82 80 204 INR 8.7 L
Prin L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research 102 80 204 INR 12.89 L
CIMP: Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna 80 204 INR 8.51 L
IPE Hyderabad: Institute of Public Enterprise 80 204 INR 7.5 L
ISBM Pune: International School of Business and Media 80 204 INR 11.8 L
JBIMS Mumbai: Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies 99.99 320 INR 6 L
PUMBA: Department of Management Sciences University of Pune 90 232 INR 4.40 L
XIME Bangalore: Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship 80 204 INR 11 L
AIMS Institutes Bangalore 80 204 INR 8.95 L
SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai 80 204 INR 9 L
ITM Navi Mumbai 80 204 INR 10.8 L
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research 80 204 INR 9.2 L
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management – VJIM Hyderabad 80 204 INR 7.5 L
Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research – CIMR Mumbai 80 204 INR 6.7 L
Indus Business Academy – IBA Bangalore 80 204 INR 8.51 L
SDMIMD Mysore: SDM Institute For Management Development 80 204 INR 11.2 L

Kindly take note that the fees mentioned are subject to change. It is recommended to visit the official websites of the respective colleges for the most precise and current information regarding fees.


Ques: What does it mean to have a CMAT percentile between 80-90?

Ans: Attaining a CMAT percentile between 80-90 signifies that you have outperformed 80-90% of the total test takers. This indicates a commendable performance in the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT).

Ques: What is the significance of CMAT percentiles in MBA admissions?

Ans: CMAT percentiles hold significant importance in MBA admissions as they provide a means to assess a candidate’s performance compared to other test takers. Achieving higher percentiles enhances the likelihood of gaining admission to renowned MBA colleges. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that CMAT percentiles are only one aspect of the comprehensive admission criteria, which may also encompass factors such as academic qualifications, work experience, group discussions, personal interviews, and more.

Ques: How can I enhance my chances of securing admission with a CMAT percentile between 80-90?

Ans: To increase your chances of admission with a CMAT percentile between 80-90, there are several strategies you can employ. 

Firstly, you can concentrate on bolstering your academic profile by achieving excellent grades and participating in relevant coursework or certifications. 

Additionally, preparing extensively for group discussions and personal interviews will allow you to showcase your communication skills and subject knowledge. Highlighting your leadership experiences and involvement in extracurricular activities can also strengthen your application. 

It is advisable to research and apply to multiple MBA colleges that consider CMAT scores within this percentile range to expand your opportunities.

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