CMAT Toppers 2023

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has published the CMAT 2023 Toppers list on its official website following the announcement of the results on May 31, 2023. Candidates can download the CMAT 2023 Toppers list in PDF format from The CMAT Toppers list displays each candidate’s All India Rank (AIR), final score, and overall percentile.

The CMAT 2023 score remains valid for the academic year 2023-24 exclusively. The CMAT 2023 counselling procedure is expected to commence shortly after the release of the merit list. Candidates with higher ranks can get into prominent B-schools such as JBIMS, SIMSREE, KJ Somaiya, and PUMBA, which consider CMAT 2023 scores for their MBA/PGDM programs. It is anticipated that the CMAT cut-off for esteemed colleges like JBIMS and SIMSREE will exceed the 99 percentile threshold.

CMAT 2023 Toppers

Name CMAT Percentile
Neha Sharma 100
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Candidates can check previous years’ toppers. The table below presents the top scorers in CMAT 2021, showcasing their names, and CMAT percentiles:

Name CMAT Percentile
Kumar Gaurav 100
Sanket Khandare 99.73
Injimamul Islam 99.18
Shivam Kumar 99.58
Kinjal Shah 98.67
Karan Kumar 98.27
Yash Bajpai 97.98
Aishwarya Nandedkar 93
Hardik Ajay Nigam 91.55
Aparna Sign 90.4

The table provided below presents the top performers in CMAT 2020, showcasing their names, CMAT percentiles, and total marks out of 400:

Name Percentile Total Marks
Gopaljee Jha 100 347
Fahad Nizam 99.9984201 342
Gautam Bhugra 99.9968403 340
Jeet Mukherjee 99.9968403 340
Kalisetty Udaya Sandhya Lakshmi Devi 99.9936806 338
Tushant Kumar 99.9968403 338
Archit Kottapalli 99.9905209 335
Nidshish Deshpande 99.9905209 335
Divyansh Tiwari 99.9873612 330
Abhishek Jha 99.9857813 329
Yash 99.9842015 328
Sadhwani Nikhil Harish 99.9826216 327
Haridev C 99.9826216 327
Bhandwale Abhijeet Sundarrao 99.9826216 327
Supreet Gupta 99.9778820 325
Mukul Kumar 99.9778820 325
Siddhant Nair 99.9747223 324
Tarun Garg 99.9731425 323
Narayan Sharma 99.9715626 322
Saurav Tyagi 99.9715626 322

CMAT 2023 Topper Rank calculation

CMAT 2023 rank is calculated on the basis of the marks secured by the candidates from highest to lowest. In case candidates scores the same percentage, calculation is done on the following aspects:

Candidate scoring higher marks in Quant & DI will get higher rank.

If the tie still persists then the individual scoring higher mark in Logical Reasoning will secure the higher position.

If the tie still persists then the individual scoring higher mark in Language Comprehension will secure the higher position.

If the tie still persists then the individual scoring higher mark in General Awareness will secure the higher position.

How to calculate CMAT 2023 Percentile?

CMAT Percentile= Total number of candidates appeared (N) – Rank of the candidate/N*100


Ques: Who are the CMAT 2023 toppers?

Ans: Neha Sharma topped the CMAT 2023 with 100 percentile. The National Testing Agency (NTA) publishes the CMAT 2023 Toppers on its official website.

Ques: What to Do After CMAT Result?

Ans: After the CMAT result, check your scorecard, analyse your performance, research MBA/PGDM programs, apply to desired institutes, and prepare for GD/PI.

Ques: What is a Good Score in CMAT 2023?

Ans: A good score in CMAT is generally above the 90th percentile, but it may vary based on the cutoff scores of the institutes you are targeting.

Ques: Who are CMAT 2021 Toppers?

Ans: In CMAT 2022, several exceptional candidates achieved remarkable scores, securing the top positions in the exam, such as Kumar Gaurav at the 100 percentile, Sanket Khandare at the 99.73 percentile, and Injimamul Islam at the 99.18 percentile.

Ques: Can CMAT toppers secure admission to top management institutes?

Ans: CMAT toppers generally have a higher chance of securing admission to top management institutes due to their excellent scores and percentiles. However, admission criteria may vary among different institutes, and factors such as overall application profile and institute-specific cutoffs also play a role.

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