KMAT Exam Pattern 2023: Check Syllabus, Tips

The KMAT exam pattern is released by the conducting body of the exam. The exam pattern contains all the details regarding the paper structure, such as number of questions, format, marking scheme, etc. The official website of KMAT has released

All the details regarding the KMAT exam 2023. The candidates can visit to check the details regarding the KMAT exam 2023.

The KMAT exam consists of 4 sections that test different areas of topics and a total of 720 marks.

The detailed breakdown of the exam pattern is given in the article below.

KMAT 2023 Exam Pattern

The KMAT exam consists of four sections.

The four sections are –

  1. English Language Usage and reading Comprehension
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Data sufficiency and Logical Reasoning
  4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs

The paper has a total of 720 marks.

Note: For every correct option +4 marks are awarded, and 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect choice.

Subject No of questions Marks
English Language Usage and reading Comprehension 50 200
Quantitative Aptitude 50 200
Data sufficiency and Logical Reasoning 40 160
General Knowledge and Current Affairs 40 160
Total: 180 720
  1. Candidates will have a total of 3 hours to solve these 180 problems.
  2. The mode of exam for KMAT 2023 will be a Based Test (CBT) and all the questions will be multiple choice questions.
  3. The medium of the question paper will be English.

Section 1 – English Language Usage and Reading Comprehension:

  • The student’s knowledge of the English language will be evaluated in this part.
  • There will also be questions based on passages that must be answered based on the details or information provided. Typically, the questions are straightforward with a moderately easy level of difficulty.

Section 2 – Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Along with logical and analytical abilities, it also assesses mathematical capabilities.
  • The average time taken by candidates to answer each question in the exam is typically one minute. So the candidates speed and logical thinking is tested in this section.

Section 3 – Data Sufficiency and Logical Reasoning:

  • Data sufficiency refers to evaluating and analysing a set of data to determine if it is sufficient to respond to a certain question.
  • These are intended to assess the candidate’s capacity to connect the dots between each question and arrive at a conclusion.

Section 4 – General Knowledge and Current Affairs:

  • The candidate’s understanding of the present situation at the state, national, and international levels is examined in this part.
  • Although there isn’t a set syllabus for this, passing this exam requires current and conventional general knowledge from both the past and the present.

Qualifying Marks for KMAT 2023

The qualifying marks depend on the category to which the students belong.

General and SEBC: Candidates from the General category and SEBC who receive at least 72 marks, or 10% of the total 720 marks, are eligible for admission to the MBA program at a variety of universities, departments, and affiliated management colleges, including the autonomous institutions for management in Kerala.

SC/ST/PD: The minimum required score for the SC/ST/PD category is 7.5%.

Syllabus for the KMAT 2023 exam

The KMAT exam mostly focuses on the basics of the 10 +2 curriculum. There is only four important subjects required to appear for the KMAT exam.

They are

  • English Language Usage and reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data sufficiency and Logical Reasoning
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Practicing questions on these topics is enough to score well in the exam.

Entrance exams for the KMAT 2023:

The applicant who wishes to enroll in an MBA programme in the state based on the KMAT 2023 must take this entrance exam. The following weighting will be used for the entrance exam, group discussion, and interview scores when determining admission to the programme.

Exam type % of weight
Entrance test score 80%
Group discussion 10%
Personal interview 10%
Total 100%

KMAT 2023 Examination Tips

  1. Be calm: Relax as you begin the day. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you can begin your exam on schedule.
  2. Eat well: Have some food. Before your test, have a nutritious lunch. An egg on toast or muesli are two foods high in protein and complex carbs that will provide you the energy you need to go through the exam. To keep your energy levels up, always have some healthy snacks on hand.
  3. Manage time: Determine how much time you can devote to each response in relation to its grade. For instance, if question 1 accounts for 20% of the overall marks on a three-hour paper, you should allocate about 35 minutes to it.
  4. Revise notes: For the GK portion, candidates who have prepared study notes must review all of their notes and key points to make sure they recall them on exam day.

KMAT 2023 Important Instructions

  1. During the KMAT exam, candidates are not permitted to use any electronic devices, including watches or cellphones.
  2. Only during the exam are candidates permitted to use rough paper.
  3. It is forbidden for the candidate to begin answering the question paper before the scheduled time.
  4. During the exam, candidates are only permitted to keep their photo ID and KMAT admission card.
  5. By darkening the appropriate choice on the OMR page, answers should be marked as right according to the applicant’s knowledge and skill.
  6. The exam would be cancelled if the individual leaves the KMAT Kerala 2023 testing facility before the scheduled time.
  7. Any candidate who uses unfair tactics shall be held accountable and is disqualified.


Ques. How many section will be in KMAT 2023 paper?

Ans. There will be 4 sections in the paper –

  • English Language Usage and reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data sufficiency and Logical Reasoning
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Ques. Is there any negative marking in KMAT exam pattern?

Ans. Yes, there are -1 marks for every wrong question answered.

Ques. Can i give the KMAT exam in my mother tongue?

Ans. No, the paper can be attempted only in English.

Ques. Do i need to answer the questions in any order?

Ans. No, the candidates are free to answer the questions they feel they can answer. There is no need to follow any sequence.

Ques. Can i keep my watch during the exam?

Ans. No the candidates are not allowed to carry anything with them except water bottle.

Ques. How many questions are asked in the KMAT Kerala 2023?

Ans. There will be total of 180 questions for the duration of 3 hrs.

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