CMAT Score vs Percentile 2023: Know What is a Good Score in CMAT, Percentile Calculation

Following the CMAT exam, candidates who took part can evaluate their overall success and determine their cutoff. On the basis of previous trends in the CMAT cutoff, applicants may discover about CMAT score vs percentile much earlier than the CMAT 2023 result is released. The overall score and All India Rank (AIR) will be included in the outcome.

The thorough analysis of the CMAT 2023 Score vs Percentile shows what score is necessary to achieve a certain percentile in the test. Candidates undertaking the CMAT in 2023 must understand the CMAT score vs percentile analysis to determine their likelihood for admission to various MBA programmes. Prior to the result date, NTA makes the CMAT answer sheet available so that the participants can evaluate their CMAT score and percentile and choose the best business college or university before the CMAT result is made public.

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CMAT 2023 CMAT Result

CMAT 2023 Cutoff for PGDM

Institute Name Cut-Off Percentile Accepted Application Links
Great Lakes Chennai 95+ Click here
Great Lakes Gurgaon 90+ Click here
IFMR Chennai 85+ Click here
NIA Pune 85+ Click here
BIMTECH 90+ Click here
Christ University Bangalore 75+ Click here
SDMIMD Mysore 75+ Click here
ISB&M Pune 75+ Click here
Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune 70+ Click here
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore 70+ Click here
IPE Hyderabad 80+ Click here
ITM Navi Mumbai 70+ Click here
Jaipuria Institute of Management 70+ Click here

CMAT 2023 Cutoff: MMS CAP Round

Insitute All India Cutoff
JBIMS 99.98
Welingkar 99.89
PUMBA 99.92
SIES 99.59
College of Engineering, Pune 99.64
Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai 99.53
Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research 99.26
MET Institute of Management 99.2
Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management 97.89
Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research 97.47
Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research 96.15
VESIM – Vivekanand Educational Society’s Institute of Management 96.94
Indira College of Engineering & Management, Pune 97.26
Shree C. E. Society’s Indira Institute of Management, Pune 96.22

Key points for CMAT 2023 Score vs Percentile

The key points for CMAT 2023 Score vs Percentile are listed below for candidates to review:

  1. Based on the exam results, NTA will formulate the All India Rank using CMAT Score vs Percentile.
  2. The score vs percentile for CMAT 2023 is predicted to be better. Participants scoring in the range of 315 to 350 are expected to achieve the 100 percentile, while those scoring in the field 285 to 310 are expected to reach the 99 to 99.99 percentile.
  3. The details of all applicants with CMAT scores that fall between 0.005 and 100 percentiles will be listed on the CMAT merit list. There will be no exclusions from the entrance test for any applicant.
  4. Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation (QTDI), Logical Reasoning (LR), Language Comprehension (LC), General Awareness (GA), Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and less negative responses, as well as aspirants who are older in age, will all be taken into account while calculating the percentile ranking.

What do you mean by CMAT Score?

The CMAT score is the sum of a candidate’s marks earned using the NTA-recommended grading scheme. In simple terms, the CMAT 2023 score is the total of the candidates’ scores in each of the four parts. Candidates can use the guidelines below to determine their CMAT exam score:

  • Each topic scores 4 marks
  • One point will be subtracted for each wrong or inaccurate response
  • No points will be given or taken away for queries that are not answered
  • The final score is determined by adding the marks for each question that is correctly answered

The previously discussed procedure forms the basis of the CMAT 2023 final result. Let’s use an illustration to comprehend this better:

Name of the Student Questions Answered No. of correct Answers No. of wrong answers Marks Awarded for Correct Answers Marks Deducted for Incorrect Answers CMAT Final Score
X 97 90 7 90*4 = 360 -7 360 – 7 = 353
Y 100 78 22 78*4 = 312 -22 312 – 22 = 290
Z 100 84 16 84*4 = 336 -16 336 – 16 = 320
A 100 62 38 62*4 = 248 -38 248 – 38 = 210

Note that incorrect attempts will result in a total point deduction due to negative marking. The All India Rank (AIR) relies on the marks earned while considering previous patterns. However, if more than one applicant attains same scores, the rank will be determined by the following order:

Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation > Logical Reasoning > Language Comprehension > General Awareness

What do you mean by CMAT Percentile?

The percentile of CMAT refers to the relative result that demonstrates a position obtained by candidates. In simple terms, the CMAT percentile is a criterion for classifying applicants according to their achievements. It displays the ranking that each applicant received on the merit list.

CMAT Percentile Calculation

The CMAT percentile score represents the proportion of applicants who achieved at that percentile or lower in the exam. The top scorer in each session will therefore receive the same CMAT percentile.

To prevent bunching effects and minimize ties, percentile scores are computed with a maximum of 7 decimal places. The following formula is used to determine a candidate’s percentage score:

Total Percentile = 100 * (No. of candidates who appeared from the session with a raw score equal to or less than T1 score/ Total no. of candidates who appeared in the session)

NOTE: The percentile for the entire group will not be equal to or equal to the average of the percentiles for each topic. The percentile score and the percentage of points earned will not be equal.

Let’s use the following example to comprehend the formula above:

To determine the percentile, we will use the Quantitative Ability section as an example:

  1. Determine the number of CMAT 2023 applicants
  2. Inform all candidates who will take the CMAT 2023 of the candidate’s position in the QA portion.
  3. Enter the given values in the previously provided formula.

Assuming that 10,000 applicants will take the CMAT in 2023 and one of their ranks fifth, their CMAT percentile will be determined as follows:

P = 10,000 – 5/10,000*100

So, his/her CMAT percentile 2023 will be 99.95

NOTE: The formula mentioned above will also be used to determine the percentile of the other and overall parts. Using our CMAT percentile predictor application, you can also determine the precise percentile.

Top MBA colleges accepting CMAT score

Management Institute Last Year CMAT Cut off Percentile
JBIMS Mumbai 99+
VIT Business School Vellore 70+
Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow 75+
IFMR Graduate School of Business at KREA University 75+
BIMTECH Greater Noida 80+
IMT Nagpur 85+
GIM Goa: Goa Institute of Management 90+
SIMSREE Mumbai 95+
Great Lakes: Chennai- GLIM 90+
XIME Bangalore 75+
Prin L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research 80+
SDMIMD Mysore 75+
KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Mumbai 92+

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