MBA Colleges in Pune accepting CMAT 2023 Scores

There are numerous prestigious MBA schools in Pune that select candidates based on the CMAT 2023 and give admission to their premier MBA/PGDM programmes. But before you examine the list of top MBA colleges in Pune that accept the CMAT test, learn about the admissions requirements for these Pune CMAT institutions and how to select the top Pune B-Schools that accept candidates based on the CMAT exam.

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Process for Admission to MBA Programs in Pune Accepting CMAT 2023  

The MBA colleges in Pune that take the CMAT have a four-stage admissions process. which are

  1. Apply for the CMAT exam and register to appear for the test. 
  2. Apply to a B-School Accepting the CMAT: When registering for the CMAT, you must also apply to the B-school that accepts it. Apply in accordance with the cutoffs to more MBA Colleges accepting CMAT in Pune after verifying your CMAT score after the CMAT result is announced. For your convenience, we have listed Some of the best MBA programmes in Pune that accept the CMAT below. We advise you to select an institution in Pune that offers the CMAT from the list below.
  3. Attend the Personal Interview Round (PI Round) at the MBA colleges in Pune that accept candidates based on the CMAT exam and to which you have applied. The Pune-based B-schools that accept the CMAT may also approach you about admission if you haven’t yet submitted an application. Please review the list below before deciding whether to apply for an MBA.
  4. Accept Final Admission – After selecting the top MBA College in Pune that accepts the CMAT, accept the admission offer.  

MBA Institutions in Pune That accept candidates based on CMAT 2023 Score

The CMAT exam score is used as the foundation for admission to the flagship MBA/PGDM programmes at more than 100 MBA colleges in Pune. Here is a short list of colleges where we have eliminated universities that don’t provide quality placements and education. This list of the top MBA colleges in Pune that accept students based on CMAT scores is given below:

MBA colleges in Pune Expected cutoff: CMAT Status of admission Course Fees
PUMBA Pune University, Pune 80-100 Open
Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB)Sri Balaji University Pune 80-100 Open Rs. 5,05,000(1st year fees)
ISBM Pune 80-100 Open Rs. 6,85,000(1st year fees)
Balaji Institute Of Modern Management (BIMM)Sri Balaji University Pune 80-100 Open Rs. 5,05,000(1st year fees)
IIMS International Institute of Management Studies Pune 80-100 Open Rs. 450,000(1st year fees)
Pune Business School Pune 60-70 Open Rs. 795,000(total fees)
Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development(BIMHRD) Sri Balaji University Pune 80-100 Open Rs. 5,05,000(1st year fees)
IBS Pune: ICFAI Business School 60-70 open Rs. 9,09,000(total fees)
PIBM Pune Institute of Business Management Pune 60-70 Open Rs. 795,000(total fees)
Suryadatta Pune 60-70 Open Rs. 300,000(1st year fees)
MITCON Institute of Management Pune 60-70 Opening Soon
International Institute of Management & Human Resource Development – [IIMHRD], Pune 60- 70 open Rs. 225,000(1st year fees)

Popular Exams accepted by Pune Colleges:

There are many popular exams that are accepted by colleges in Pune.

These exams include CAT, CMAT, MAH CET, CMAT MAT, XAT, and ATMA. Most of these are state level exams, which are held in Maharashtra. 

The details for the number of colleges accepting candidates based on these exams are given below:

Popular exams Accepting colleges in Pune
CAT 145
CMAT 141
MAT 132
XAT 130

Suggested criteria for choosing a good MBA college in Pune:

There are many things, despite the education factor, to be considered before taking admission to any MBA college. Here are the aspects that are to be considered before taking admission to any MBA college in Pune:

Exam Accepted and Their Cutoff: View the top institutions that accept the CMAT according to the CMAT cutoff. From the list above, compare the cutoffs for the top MBA colleges in Pune that accept CMAT scores.

PGDM vs. MBA: Carefully choose the MBA programme and find a college in Pune that accepts the CMAT. While PGDM is offered by private B-schools, MBA is associated with universities. Both are excellent 

Fees: See Pune CMAT Colleges and Fees. Calculate the entire amount you will spend because the CMAT institutes in Pune may charge an amount that is much higher than only the tuition fee: Check Top Recruiters and Average Salary instead of Highest Salary

Rank and certification: Look into the B-school’s accreditations with the NBA, NAAC, AACSB, and SAQS to learn about its qualitative features.

Faculty: Finding out how knowledgeable and competent the B-school staff is is crucial. Every B-school posts an area-by-area faculty profile on its website. You must carefully examine the profiles of the professors.

Location: Either favor top MBA cities or top colleges. If the MBA college is close to or in an industrial area with promising employment opportunities, such as Pune, you may choose to select it.    

MBA generalist vs. MBA specialist: You must decide whether you want to pursue a general MBA and pick a specific area of specialization in the second year, or whether you want to start with a specialized MBA.

Alumni and Legacy Base: The alumni base of a business school increases with age, and this leads to a better career path because of the global network of its former students.

Infrastructure and Facilities: Well-equipped classrooms, a library, an auditorium, and housing for students on campus enable you to further your study and seek out professorial guidance as needed.

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