CMAT Percentile 2023: Score vs Percentile, How to Calculate

CMAT 2023 percentile calculation is based on the candidate’s raw score and the overall performance of all test takers. It helps in determining the relative position of a candidate among the total number of candidates who appeared for the CMAT exam in a particular year. Understanding the CMAT percentile calculation is important for candidates to calculate their performance and evaluate their chances of admission to their desired management institutes.

How to Calculate CMAT 2023 Percentile?

The CMAT 2023 percentile is determined by considering the candidate’s rank in relation to the total number of candidates who appeared for the exam. The calculation involves using the formula: CMAT Percentile = 100 – (Candidate’s Rank ÷ Number of Candidates Appeared × 100).

To calculate your CMAT 2023 percentile, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your rank: Find out your rank in the CMAT 2023 exam.
  1. Obtain the total number of candidates: Get information about the total number of candidates who appeared for CMAT 2023.
  1. Apply the percentile formula: Use the formula mentioned above to calculate your CMAT percentile. Substitute your rank and the total number of candidates in the formula to obtain the result.
  1. Round off the percentile: Round off the calculated percentile to the desired decimal places.

For instance, let’s consider an example where 70,000 candidates appeared for the exam. The following formula can be used to comprehend the relationship between CMAT rank and percentile:

CMAT Percentile Calculation Formula: 100 – (Candidate’s Rank ÷ 70,000 × 100) = CMAT Percentile

To illustrate, if a candidate achieves the rank of 1, the calculation would be: 100 – (1 ÷ 70,000 × 100) = 99.9985714286%

By following these steps and using the provided formula, you can calculate your CMAT 2023 percentile. The percentile indicates your relative position among all the candidates who appeared for the exam and helps evaluate your performance.

Expected CMAT Score vs Percentile 2023

According to the analysis of previous year’s data, candidates can expect to achieve a CMAT score ranging from 315 to 350 in order to attain the 100 percentile in CMAT 2023. It is important to note that this score range is an estimate and may vary based on the difficulty level and overall performance of candidates in the exam.

CMAT Score 2023 CMAT Percentile Range 2023 (expected)
315-350 100
286-310 99.1-99.99
261-285 90-99
201-260 81-89
171-200 71-80
141-170 61-70
116-140 51-60
Less than 116 51 or below

Previous Year CMAT Score vs Percentile

The following table presents the data for CMAT Score vs Percentile in the year 2020. It is important to note that approximately 63,000 candidates participated in the CMAT examination 2020.

CMAT Score 2020 CMAT Percentile 2020
347 100.00
342 99.9984201
340 99.9968403
338 99.9936806
335 99.9905209
330 99.9873612
329 99.9857813
328 99.9842015
327 99.9826216
325 99.9778820
324 99.9747223
323 99.9731425
322 99.9715626
321 99.9652432
319 99.9620835

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How is the CMAT 2023 percentile calculated?

Ans. The CMAT 2023 percentile is calculated using the formula: 100 – (Candidate’s Rank ÷ No. of Candidates appeared × 100). It takes into account the candidate’s rank and the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam.

Ques. Can the CMAT percentile be calculated without knowing the total number of candidates?

Ans. No, the CMAT percentile calculation requires knowledge of the candidate’s rank and the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam. These two factors are essential for determining the percentile.

Ques. Is the CMAT percentile calculation the same every year?

Ans. The formula for calculating the CMAT percentile remains the same each year. However, the actual percentile values will vary based on the performance of candidates and the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam.

Ques. How important is the CMAT percentile for admission to MBA programs?

Ans. The CMAT percentile plays a crucial role in the admission process for MBA programs. It is one of the factors considered by B-schools for shortlisting candidates. However, the weightage given to the CMAT percentile may vary across institutions, as they also consider other factors such as academic background, work experience, and interview performance.

Ques. When will the CMAT 2023 percentile be announced?

Ans. The CMAT 2023 percentile is typically announced along with the declaration of the CMAT result. The exact date of the CMAT 2023 result has not yet been announced.

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